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Japanese cutie Marica Hase got a welcoming present from us as soon as we got her home, an iron pole, one of a kind, to shackle her to. She is nervous about her first time with metal bondage. Rope can be so warm and comforting and this is anything but. But Cherry Torn is normally a tough bitch to crack but today PD has the perfect recipe to make her eyes stream with tears It is hard for Hazel to keep on going when we are so persistent in wearing her out. She has barely gotten up from her nap before we continue Mei Mara joined us for a live feed because she cannot get enough sadistic torment. We brought her in because we cannot give enough of it out PD ties up Nyssa Nevers and starts with a bit of tickling. It does not hurt and she should count herself as lucky. But instead she complains Bondage is about innovation and this contraption proves it. It leaves Ashley Graham exposed, with her tits and limbs out like an offering. Master A has some ideas about what makes a fine lady and Chloe Parker does not measure up for any of them but she will when he is done. 412 knows how live feeds work. As soon as the camera comes on everything becomes unpredictable. All of the members have such painful plans. Tracy Sweet is a beautiful blonde girl looking for a good time. For her that means starting with a simple hog tie and putting her through one of the most intense predicament scenarios of her life. It is the kind of fun that involves clamps on her nipples Suffering and service are amazing aphrodisiacs. Bronte is so hot to get off that a little vibration has her squirting everywhere. She loves it when Sister Dee ties a dildo over her mouth. Being made to get SD off gets Bronte super wet. And taking the stra Skylar is a beautiful girl; a hot blond with great tits and a lovely face. Of course Sister Dee has to show her the perils of being pretty. Cherry Torn just wants to feel it. The beatings, the humiliation, the shame, the orgasms. It makes her body feel like she is floating. When we stuck Katharine Cane in a bag she told us it was hot, sweaty, tight and overall unpleasant. And we just had to make it worse for her Iona Grace is an unrepentant slut. It is just who she is. There is no cure for wanting her holes filled 24/7 except to have it happen. Sister Dee has been waiting for a chance to experiment with Dana Vixen. Dana has a body that screams out for her kind of painful attention. Elise Graves wants to be taken advantage of. She wants to feel like she has no control. She wants to be held down, hurt, and then abandoned. Emily Marilyn does not normally enjoy BDSM but there is something about the way Sister Dee dominates her will that makes everything so much hotter. Enter TopGrl & See More Now! See sample See sample See sample Sophie Suffers Homemade Torment Sister Dee likes arts and crafts. She takes a trip to Dom Depot for supplies and when she gets back Sophie is test her creations. Homemade dildos, gags and cl Ana Foxxx came back for another round with us. She loved being bound and banged so much that she had to come back for more. She is so hungry for cock and orgasms that we can literally bend her over backward for them. It is amazing that she can even breath Elise Graves is the star of our show but for just a little bit she is going to need to share the limelight with the 3 hot sluts in her cage. Holly Wood has an amazing body. It looks like she dropped out of the fantasies of every man and right into her own worst nightmare. Bronte spends her entire life being a cock-tease to the men around her. That kind of behavior is unacceptable when she is with PD, though. Mei Mara is into it all and the more brutal the better. She knows that pleasure is meaningless without SD giving her the pain to go with it. Women, even young and innocent ones like 314, are just objects to be used by men like PD. Offering rewards makes them think that he cares. Sister Dee was about to have the time of her life with Claire Adams, but before SD had even uncoiled her rope Claire had turned the tables. Cici Rhodes sucking Cyd's cock tells you this shoot was hot. Him putting those brutal clamps on her nipples tells you it was rough, too. The real trial comes from a tiny little shocker that goes right into her ass. Who knew that such a small device could PD knows the best way to keep a sweet little cunt like Lilyanna fresh for use. He vacuum seals her to his floor for later. It is hard to cum when there is no air to breathe but PD manages to get more than one orgasm out of her. It is much easier when he u Alisha Adams and Elise Graves are a horny, young couple in love. They are completely unable to contain their lust for each other. Remy, Rain and Penny make up our trio of tormented twats this week. Each one is more excited than the last for rough bondage and hot sex. Last time we saw Hailey we barely got started before we had to stop the show. Now she is blind and deaf wondering what new ideas we have. Skylar Price is a beautiful blond who probably has men falling all over themselves for her on a daily basis. Sister Dee is not so easy.
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