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Addie Juniper has an athletic body that has seen more than its fair share of pain but no game has ever required so much of her as Sister Dee Dia Zerva got married to the man of her dreams but he quickly sold her into a nightmare. He needed cash and she was the only thing he had. PD has a knack for taking even the most intense pain and humiliation sluts and pushing them just a little bit further than ever before. Marina is the bitch in the barrel. It leaves her head open for any kind of torment. PD gets creative and makes a gag fit for the circus. Marica Hase is a beautiful, bound Japanese babe. She has a cute smile and makes the most delightful sounds whether she is cumming or crying. We deliver a stellar, deep throat fucking. The simple truth is Marica isn't yet accustomed to the larger cocks in PD loves teaching new girls. Rain DeGrey stars in a Hardtied feature. In this film the sadistic Denali Winter thinks that she is so damn cute. She has the stylish haircut and the cool tattoos. Claire Adams does not care. Why should she? Nyssa Nevers can really make some noise. She cries when PD starts to whip her. Her screams even echo though the rafters of the barn. Casey Calvert loves rope, but that kind of light bondage is all she has experience with. Today she learns something about heavy metal. We make it easy at first by letting her languish. Even that gives her some trouble. By the time we lay her out spread ea Most girls the size of Elise have trouble taking more than one cock at a time. Once Sister Dee gets to her Elise has a dildo in every hole. Elise says it turns her on to be used up and treated like trash. All of her holes are going to get worked until she Elise binds and dominates Kylie hard. Zayda J is trying to tease Elise Graves. She says she loves rough play but then says she doesn't like pain. She can't have it both ways. Earlier Nyssa was all smiles and giggles. Now we're going to see if we can change that. The box on her head has been open so far. So far... PD takes his property seriously and trespassers are normally shot on sight but for sexy Lavender Rayne he is willing to make an exception. Mei cannot get enough pain and humiliation. She does not need to be forced or coerced into anything. All Claire has to do is make a demand. Crystal Frost just inspires a man to grab some rope. Cyd Black loves to watch her wriggle and writhe while she struggles to escape. Moxxie is hot enough to make Sister Dee want to fuck her up. There is something about her body that just invites punishment. Ana Foxxx is an ebony athlete. That fit and flexible body comes in handy today, because we are going to put her into some rigorous bondage. We use a wall to separate her top half from the bottom. That way she can't see what is coming. Her helpless pussy a Marina knows everything about bondage is worse hanging upside-down so when Sister Dee gets a new inversion table Marina signs right up. It is amazing how well it holds her in place. Marina struggles against her bonds like she is fighting for her life whil Cici Rhodes is going to have a good day. PD is feeling particularly sadistic at the moment and he has plans to have fun with this girl. When you see Katharine Cane getting dressed at the beginning of the video you may be confused. Don't worry. She is not going anywhere. Alexxa Bound describes herself as perpetually wet. It is true. She is dripping from the second PD has her in bondage. It makes her easy. Nicki likes to think of herself as a performer so we gave her the chance to strut her stuff for the members. She is going to put on a show. Lila Katt wanted to do something special today and so we brought in Master A. He knows what she needs to feel tight bondage with a twist. 314 recently did some time at and it has whet her appetite for intense bondage. Now she wants to try doing it live. Moxxie loves having things shoved into all of her holes. To her suffering is just one step closer to getting fucked into a stupor. Moxxie is a slut, through and through, and if it means having an orgasm or tasting a dick again she will endure anything. Th We called Alani Pi sexually possessed because there is something inside of her that has a ravenous sexual appetite begging to be satisfied. What we have done to Elise Graves so far is so hot that Maggie Mead needs a minute to herself. We sure as hell don\\\'t mind watching her. Very few models can stand up to the intense punishment we impart in our live feeds so we decided to bring back an old favorite: Elise Graves It took Piper 5 minutes to break down and start bawling and that was just from the idea of what we would do to her. Now it is happening.
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